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Sprightly CBD

Sprightly CBD

This identity project was developed completely from scratch. Everything from wordmark, icon, individual labels and packaging, social media content, and product photography was created while working as senior designer at Red Shark Digital. Sprightly CBD is sourced in Eastern NC, offering authentic, certified, and high quality products to its customers.

Clean + Spirited

The Sprightly CBD tagline was presented as "Clean & Spirited", from here I created a logo that was a healthy balance of organic and medicinal. A solid tincture droplet mixed with attributes of falling leaves provided a simple mark to represent the brand. The upward slant of Sprightly wordmark represents the liveliness and energy the product bestows upon its customers.

With five different strengths of CBD available it was my job to now create cohesive packaging and labels for each bottle. The label had to be designed to be easily adaptable, as gummy and salve products were to be added at a later date.

Social media carousels were perfect for CBD recipe and FAQ posts, as well as highlighting user generated content from some of Sprightly's happy customers.

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