Just a human who loves design  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am an experienced art director with over 8 years of design work under my belt. I've used my talents in branding, illustration, production and broadcast to help brands achieve excellence. I love to use my creative aptitude to push boundaries and approach projects in innovative ways.

My favorite design tool is Illustrator, though I'm proficient in Figma, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, ProCreate, and Lightroom.

Some of the things I enjoy


I've always been a superhero fan. Spider-man to be specific. I find comic books to be a great source of creative inspiration, and I love digging through my dads old collection any chance I get.


Music is great for helping me stay sane most days. It has even helped me out of some serious creative ruts in the past. Biggie > 2Pac. The Beatles > The BeeGees.


I know it's cliché to say, but pizza is hands down my favorite food. Preferably a thick slice of pepperoni - the greasier the better. I'm a bit of a chocolate milk connoisseur as well, with an on-going ranking list of every brand I've tried (so far).
Second home
#brand to be remembered
Taking a photo of my self
Dark and Black
Library of the city

A few snapshots I thought were worth sharing.

What a view
Peaceful #peace #positive
Me Riding
My favorite instagram picture

I’m an art director and designer based in North Carolina. Currently working full-time and freelancing. You can see some of my hobbies on @mattwagner.design.


2015 – 2017
Advertising & Graphic Design, AAS Pitt Community College


Art Direction
Production & Broadcast
Layout & Packaging
Adobe CC Proficiency


2023 – Present
Art Director
St. John Partners

2021 – 2023
Art Director
Sales Factory

2019 – 2021
Senior Designer
Red Shark Digital

2015 – Present