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Angus Grill

Angus Grill

The Angus Grill identity project consisted of updating their outdated logo, creating versatile brand resources, a new menu, food packaging, social media content, and marketing campaign assets. This identity project was created while working as senior designer at Red Shark Digital.

A-Bun-Dance of Assets

A complete rebrand for the Angus Grill restaurant franchise.

With a strong logo and icon to work with it was easy to create all sorts of collateral material. Starting with a unique pattern created using icon illustrations that represent some of the restaurants fan favorite menu items. A new menu was designed to provide the customer with a streamlined decision making process. All new food photography was utilized at the bottom of the menu to show off a small selection of the restaurants extensive burger lineup.

More assets that were created over the course of a year include merchandise, table tents, stickers, "2021 Burger Battle" logo and bracketing system for March Madness campaign.

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